• Squishable Mini Pink Donut 7"


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    There have been many great debates throughout history: Should we use direct current or alternating electric current? Is the game called "Duck, Duck, Goose," or "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?" (looking at you, Minnesota). Who's on first? But the most important debate of all: is it spelled "Doughnuts" or "Donuts"?

    No less than writer Washington Irving first described a delicious sampling of "dough-nuts", which he also noticed seemed to be drawing a large crowd of local law enforcement agents. And so it was spelled, until the hippest of hip youths a century later started spelling it "Donut."

    Embrace your inner coolness (and embrace your Mini Squishable Donut too!), knowing that your plush pastry uses only the coolest, hippest of spellings. 7 squishy inches of trendily-spelled dessert. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! m

    7 squishy inches of tantalizing treat, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!

    Approx 7"

    This item cannot be express shipped within the United States or shipped outside of the United States.

    Plush toys cannot be returned.


    Squishable is a technology company with a toy habit. They use nontraditional backgrounds to make adorable plush – food, animals, mythological creatures, and some that defy classification! Everything they do is centered around audience input.

  • Squishable Mini Pink Donut 7"
  • Squishable Mini Pink Donut 7"

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