• Rainbow Doodlers Watercolor Pencils - Set of 36

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    36 colors of amazing watercoloring fun await you in this fantastic set of colored pencils with magical water effects. Coloring, drawing and painting at the same time is truly an amazing experience. Rainbow Doodlers is a set of colored pencils ranging from the darkest blues to the brightest yellows for a whole rainbow of awesome coloring effects. Each colored pencils is encased in a plastic barrel for easy and clean coloring fun. Just add water with the included brush and your colors will swirl and mix with incredible effect. And there’s no sharpener needed with this set of colored pencils. And it all comes together in a simply reusable traveling carrying case for amazing coloring on-the-go.

    Watercolor Pencils for Coloring, Painting and Drawing

    • Set of 36 Colors
    • Twist Up Action to Protect Your Pencils
    • Water Soluble
    • 1 Paint Brush Included
    • No Sharpener Needed
    • Handy Carrying Case


    This California based stationary and art supply company produces unique products that lets kids show off their creativity.Their fun products come in bright, fun colors and innovative packaging that make them a standout.

  • Rainbow Doodlers Watercolor Pencils - Set of 36
  • Rainbow Doodlers Watercolor Pencils - Set of 36
  • Rainbow Doodlers Watercolor Pencils - Set of 36

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