• 12th Anniversary Limited Edition Series

    Sonny Angel

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    This is the Highly Anticipated Limited Edition 12th Anniversary edition. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.  This years Anniversary Series, the cute sitting Sonny Angels are in vibrant yellow with the aim to bring joy and happiness to you!

    Line them up in your favorite place, and enjoy their cuteness!

    This series features the top 12 ranked figures of Sonny Angel Popularity Poll held in 2015.
    The lineup is quite different than the previous 2014 poll, including Sonny Angels from Vegetable series and Fruit series, too!
    When put together, their T-shirts spell “JOYFUL DAYS 12th Anniversary 2016”!  Each sitting Sonny Angel figure also comes with a cute little chair for him to sit on!

     Which Sonny Angel you receive is unknown until you open the box.

    Size: 4 x 5 x 10 cm

    Material: ATBC-PVC

    Contains: 1st Rabbit, 2nd Elephant, 3rd Mouse, 4th Cactus, 5th Apple, 6th Cow, 7th Fawn, 8th Monkey, 9th Lop Ear Rabbit, 10th Rose, 11th Cabbage, 12th Shark


    Set of 12:
    When you buy a complete set of 12 sonny angels you have a chance (totally random) that one of the set will be replaced with a random rare secret angel. Or you may be lucky and get an additional smaller figurine.


    Secret figure is available 1/144  (*please note that 1 secret is not always in one carton.)
    ※ Please note that the Secret or Robby Angel figure is not always included in 1 assort box.
    ※ Please also understand that there is also no guarantee of getting the Secret or Robby Angel figures even if you buy certain amounts of product.



  • 12th Anniversary Limited Edition Series
  • 12th Anniversary Limited Edition Series
  • 12th Anniversary Limited Edition Series

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