• Owly Dual Sided Teaching Clock


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    A big Owly Clock helps children learn time in the blink of an eye!  Kids catch on quickly with this impressive 16 inch owl as their teacher! Darling, darling, darling - from feathered ear tufts to orange feet. 12 removable number pegs are bright, labeled, and a wise way to begin! Place each number peg in its spot, numbers 1 to 12. Spin the hour and minute hands where you choose. Use the corresponding time increments - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30... to help you tell the time! When children are feeling confident, they flip Owly Clock around and fly into action. An adult calls out a time and the child can draw the hands in with chalk. Mistakes are easily removed with the cute egg eraser. What a wise and wonderful way to master telling time! Final Sale.

     Based in France, for the past 40 years Janod has been crafting a range of children's educational toys. They offer a lovely selection of beautiful wooden toys, puzzles and other toys that have a wonderful modern design. Janod's toys are beautifully designed with bright bold colours and children's learning in mind.
  • Owly Dual Sided Teaching Clock
  • Owly Dual Sided Teaching Clock
  • Owly Dual Sided Teaching Clock

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